On The Mark

Video and Image Scoring Suite

On The Mark 1.2 released December 3, 2010

Our belated gift for the holiday season is a new release of OTM. I say "belated" because it's the same release that's been baking in the pre-release section for the past half-year. With 1.2 you can load a list of images from a file (just list each image path on a separate line). You can also customize exactly how fast or slow you want to jump when pressing the fast-forward/rewind buttons. The interface got a few improvements courtesy of JavaFX 1.3, and the data import/export tool now supports large sets of data (for that late-night data analysis marathon!).

Compatibility with JavaFX 1.3 June 5, 2010

If you've heard the news about the recent release of JavaFX, the language in which On The Mark is written, you may be wondering whether OTM will run in the new language. I have good news—OTM will run as is, and a new pre-release allows OTM to take advantage of some of the new language features. If you're using the stable release, OTM will keep running in the older version of the language. If you've installed the development release ("pre"), you'll automatically start using JavaFX 1.3 and will see some small updates to controls. We'll gradually be adding more features from the new language version as we develop OTM!

Website fixed for IE compatability view February 19, 2010

If you couldn't read the On The Mark website from Internet Explorer, it should now be fixed. The latest versions of Internet Explorer normally default to Compatibility View for SourceForge.net websites, which turned out to be incompatible with our website. With the fix in place, the view should be clearer now!

Pre-release for On The Mark 1.2 February 19, 2010

On The Mark development has been plugging along in the new year with a couple new features and bug fixes. The two major new features in this pre-release are the ability to load a list of images specified in a file and a customizable incrementer

If you are scoring a select group of images rather than an entire folder, you can list those images in a file, one image file path per line, and then load that file into On The Mark. These images can even come from different folders.

The fast forward/rewind buttons normally increments by 10 seconds or 10 images, depending on the mode. If you prefer bigger or smaller jumps, you can right-click on the double-arrows and choose any positive integer. Now skipping through 30 second commercials should be as easy as a single click!

On The Mark 1.1 released December 17, 200

On The Mark 1.1 sports a few new goodies aimed at making score tracking and upload faster. Video and images can be fast-forwarded/rewound in 10 second or 10 image increments, respectively, for quicker navigation. Video viewing performance has also been improved on machines with lower-powered graphics. Once you've marked your media, you can upload them through a much more responsive data import/export interface--no more lock-down during long operations over the web.

So mark your holiday videos with On The Mark. Happy Holidays to all!

Keyboard Shortcut Reference November 11, 2009

I've posted a keyboard shortcuts reference page for On The Mark. Some of these shortcuts (eg the faster fast-forward) won't apply until the next version is released, so keep on the lookout for a new download!

On The Mark 1.0 released September 23, 2009

On The Mark is now a video *and image* scoring system for making up both motion videos and static pictures. If you have many images that you need to categorize, you can open them in On The Mark and score them using the same category marking system as for videos. The video controls double as image file browsing controls, and the score units can be single-clicked to mark each image.

Usability improvements include faster video scrolling, batch processing for faster event export, and multiple event removal. Shortcuts can now be virtually any character, and the backspace key removes the highlighted event. And if you're a Mac user, playback has been fixed!

More pre-release improvements September 06, 2009

In an effort to make pre-releases better and more informative, I've started posting release notes to the pre-releases. Also, if you've had trouble with the link I gave in a previous news post, please check out the homepage (http://onthemark.sourceforge.net/) for the correct link. You'll also find the link to "notes" there so that you can see what's been happening between pre-releases.

1.0 should be around the corner, and I've got some ideas for 1.1 (see the Roadmap on Trac)!

Improved pre-release system for On The Mark August 27, 2009

In case you've been looking for new features or fixes for some annoying bug, check out the improved pre-releases system for On The Mark. Before, it was difficult to download the very latest update, and the desktop shortcuts for the current release and the pre-release looked the same. Now when you download the pre-release, it will create a "snapshot" desktop link. Each time we post a new pre-release, you'll be notified when you next launch the desktop link, and you'll have the choice of hedging your bets on the latest posting or sticking with the tried-and-true. And of course you can always go back to the current, non-pre-release.

Happy marking!

New On The Mark website August 08, 2009

On The Mark has a new look! It's website, that is. It's fairly simple but hopefully has places for all the most critical information on downloading the program and keeping up to date with the latest releases. I'll still need to fill in the Features page and provide some introductory material (the old one-image-documentation is too out-of-date for re-posting).

If you have any comments or feedback on the website, I'd be happy to hear it!

On The Mark 0.9 released July 22, 2009

On The Mark 0.9 brings many usability improvements to the video scoring software. Units become completely brighter when marked "on" for higher visibility when tracking multiple events simultaneously. The events table scrolls to newly added events automatically and resets between video sessions. Data import/export sports a new scrollbar and bug fixes for improved reliability. Shortcuts have been fixed to work after pressing forward/rewind.

On The Mark 0.8 released June 17, 2009

On The Mark 0.8 brings improved compatibility with the recently released JavaFX 1.2 as well as Java 6u14. With the new controls included as part of JavaFX 1.2, On The Mark has a more seamless look and feel across platforms. The underlying Google Data API libraries have also been updated to 1.32.1.